Two weeks in France, six regions later, two amazing mentors, eleven wonderful classmates, countless wineries, a ridiculous amount of wine consumed, stuffed with gastronomical delights and we’ve finally reached the finale.

We dined at La Tupina for our last dinner together in France. It’s a rustic open kitchen bistro with their menu on display. Aromas of charcoal grilled meats waft all around and outside the restaurant. We’re placed on a huge table inside, much to our dismay 20 minutes in as the combination of  heat from the kitchen and the warm summer day combine to make a humid microclimate of 14 wine enthusiasts.

Our waitress is short tempered, probably from the heat and also the group of non-french speaking group who keep hassling her for some cold water. But 14 days in France, and we’re all accustomed to the grumpy waiter and just shrug it off just as they do. Tina and I decide on sharing the Foie gras– a specialty most of us have been stuffing our livers with this trip, oh the irony! I chose the roasted pigeon as my main and it doesn’t fail to disappoint!  No fancy decoration, just a pigeon.

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Final words are spoken and we all take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come and the great memories we’ll forever share- the crazy bus driver & that time he crashed into Philloponat’s gate , the awful in-bred basket, the magnums & that time we found our there were cider *sydre* magnums, the laughs and my screams (sorry if i almost blew your eardrum, i react too quickly!). Though we all part ways from here, i’m excited to see the next time we all catch up as a class.

Here’s some funny snippets:

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Until then, Au revoir! 


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