La Cité du Vin is a cultural wine museum and landmark that Bordeaux has opened within the last year. The parisian architecture firm XTU partnered with english Casson Mann to create this playground dedicated to all things wine. It reminds me of a strange decanter, one that looks modern but would hesitate to purchase. Inside is a different story,  huge spiral stairs wrap around an internal courtyard, leading to the first floor of exhibitions, libraries and tasting rooms.

We stumble into the first exhibition titled ‘Bistro!’, having no clue what to expect I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was an art exhibition, curated on the venues of pleasure, discussion and emulation-the french bistro. It’s interesting to see how the artists through the different eras portrayed themselves and others using the cafe as a symbol of different classes. There’s even the ‘bistro experience’, a dark room set up with bistro chairs and tables, with 3 projectors on each side depicting scenes of bistro life in movies and in real life.

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The second floor felt like an interactive game room, you were given an audio gadget with headphones and you just needed to scan the codes next to the works to tune in. There were aroma stations, where you pump air into a glass dome filled with wine scents such as coffee, honey and rubber. High-tech drone footage of all the wine countries in the world played every 10 minutes to a fresh audience, holograms built like a real dining table with a few seats at the table for visitors to join in part of gastronomic conversations.

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It was great to see a museum totally dedicated to wine. Just as Paul Eluard said ‘There are as many wonders in a glass of wine as the bottom of the sea‘.

La Cité du Vin

134-150 Quai de Bacalan
33300 Bordeaux, France





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