Paul Bocuse is a very famous french chef in Lyon known for nouvelle cuisine, a movement against the rich classical french cuisine. It’s lighter, more delicate and there’s an emphasis on presentation as art. Similarly to the Les Berceaux hotel in Epernay, Institut Paul Bocuse is linked to our stay for the night, Hôtel le Royal.

Lyon feels like Paris’ younger sister, the rivers Rhône and Saône are surrounded by shopping meccas catered to all travelers . Our hotel is stylish yet chic and if you look close enough there’s something french in every corner!

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Our class meets in the living room of the hotel, with magnums of Pommery awaiting us as aperitifs to extravagant dinner. The restaurant seems very modern, with neon lights, metallic champagne art and a bright atmosphere. We’re lead up the stairs to the private dining room away from the eyes of other diners. Interestedly enough we get a high kitchen bench table with adjustable bar chairs- this proves to be a disaster later as we find drunken amusement in doing the Mexican wave with our bar stools around the table to the dismay of the waiters.

Our degustation tonight :

Entree -Le Foie Gras


The Foie gras was sweeter and gamier than the ones i’ve had on the trip so far. It was more condensed and rubbery. The apricot marmalade only enhanced that sweetness.









Le Magret- duck steak rare with sangria lacquer, apple fruit puree.



The duck steak was served rare with a crispy peppered skin. I found the duck to be too tough for my liking and the sangria sauce didn’t do the duck any justice or vice-versa.








Lush bath bomb or Apple cake with almond ice cream?






Presentation of tonights dishes were impeccable, and the skills the chefs have is undeniable. However for a deconstructed apple dessert, it lacked the acidity and punch of a real green apple.








Perhaps my tastebuds have been too privileged the past week with traditional french cuisine that i’m being so picky with the meal at Paul Bocuse. But i’d much prefer the heartier Burgundian classique to the modern french nouvelle any day!

Institut Paul Bocuse

20 Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon, France

+33 4 78 37 23 02

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