Our Regional dinner takes place at La Ciboulette in downtown Beaune. A little bistro that is simple and unassuming.

Burgundian food is as intertwined with terroir as its wines. Colourful veggies, fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers. It’s a gastronomic delight and tonight was no exception.

Tina and i were up for choosing the white wine for the table tonight. After a whirlwind tour of Domaine Taupenot, Ropiteau Frères, Jean-Claude Boisset, Clos Vougeot, Marché aux vins, an information overload and the pressure is on to decipher the cave for a good wine within the budget (approx 50 Euros). We decide on a 2014 Clos du Cromin from Mersault. We had seen a few 2013 and 2015 Mersaults on some menus from the night before and thought we’d take a gamble at the 2014. It was a win, round and buttery but with a clear acidity which complimented the garlic butter escargot entree superbly.

19397918_10154936533022917_1402374084_n (1)
Superb garlicky escargot

Part of the role of wine picker is to taste the wine when it is presented, and give it the OK before it is poured for the table. It’s scary because you need to be sure of your nose and tastebuds and hope everyone else on the table agrees. Just as we thought we passed the wine selection test, we were asked to taste the second bottle of the same wine, easy peasy right? Well, actually the second bottle smelt green and fresher in comparison with a kick of minerality. Thinking this was clearly a mistake we turn to Ken’s nose for advice, but it turned out that it’s completely normal! Variation is a natural occurrence in wine and the best way to truly experience a wine is to buy a dozen to understand its true personality. The second bottle of the Mersault ends up going wonderfully with the grilled curry langoustine because of it’s bright minerality.

19369889_10154936533037917_1541467504_n (1)
Curried Langoustine
Bottom left: Decadent Epoisses
19398690_10154936533067917_608996481_n (1)
Selection of desserts


La Ciboulette Restaurant 

69 rue de Lorraine, 21200, Beaune, France

Food, wine & atmosphere was just perfect!



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