I must admit, Burgundy always confused me in wine class, the complex history, levels of AOC and the extensive appellations that define each clos (stone wall enclosed vineyards).

But there’s no better way to understand Burgundy that to be thrown into the deep ends of burgundian culture and seeing it for yourself.

A few things i learnt from Burgundy:

  1. Terroir 

    This term has the most important significance in this region, the diversity of the microclimates and unique soil composition leads to the most appellations in this burgundian wine region!

    The soil is mainly limestone mixed with clay, due to the region being part of a vast tropical sea 200 millions years ago, that’s why you get the zesty minerality that is known in Burgundy wines.

    There is no blending of grapes in burgundy in the wine making process. This is to authentically express the climats of the plots they originate from. (Exception for the regional appelations).

  2. The levels of classification
    Grand Cru
    – the most expensive, sometimes the most tiny like the one in Virginie’s garden and sometimes a monopole.
    Premier Cru– within a village and can be blended together & labeled as such.
    Village AOCS– not guaranteed to be the best, but can be some of the cheapest burgundies.
    Regional appellation– entry level burgundy
  3. The grape varieties
    For reds its Pinot Noir & Gamay
    For white its Chardonnay & Aligoté

    but Pinot & Chardonnay are the most dominant.


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I think it will be a lifelong mission to truly understand burgundian wine.

Une bouteille de Romanée-Conti S’il vous plaît!


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