The whole class has finally made it to Paris, we meet at Holiday Inn, opposite Gare de Lest. Moods are high as we make our way to the most famous culinary school in the world, Le Cordon Bleu. On our walk, we stumble upon a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower, surprisingly my first sighting of the iconic iron structure so far.

The Eiffel!

Karin, our guide, is the principle of Le Cordon Bleu. She takes us through the campus, room by room explaining the history and expertise they are known for. Le Cordon Bleu was founded in 1859 by female journalist Marthe Distel, catering for women in gastronomy. The Blue ribbon logo that is now their distinct school crest originated from the court of King Henry III.  He gathered a group of elites, naming them The Knights of the Cross of the Holy Medal, and charged them with improving the standards of living, gaming, poetry, writing and culinary art. This group wore a blue ribbon medal as a symbol of excellence and prestige, which is what inspired Marthe to use it as the recognition of excellence at her culinary school. 

le cordon bleu 1
The newly renovated lobby of Le Cordon Bleu with interior nods to the blue ribbons of excellence.
le cordon bleu
Karin showing us the state of the art kitchen workshops.

The highlight is meeting head chef Giulliame to make vanilla chocolate and apricot macarons. 

He has a calm demeanour, but furiously whips up the meringue and fillings in a blink of an eye. Despite a few amateur mishaps, our macaroons begin to take shape with a few hints from chef and the results are delicious!

Chef Giulliame piping the macaron filling.
The delicious results after 3 hours of struggle.

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